A three -room apartment for a family with a child

The use of various decorative solutions (ornament, stucco molding, a pattern of carved wooden grilles, the color of textiles and wallpaper), the combination of classical, oriental and modern motives – all this together made it possible to create an integral interior cozy for the owners and interesting for guests.

It is planned to produce the following main construction work:

Dismantling the partition between the hallway and the corridor.

Laying openings from the Hall to the corridor and to the kitchen and the creation of two new openings in the bearing wall between the room and the kitchen.

Expansion of one of the doorways in a room of 35 m2.

Organization of built -in cabinets in the hallway, hall, rooms.

To implement this redevelopment, the editorial office recommends contacting the State Housing Inspectorate of the Administrative District in which the apartment is located. In the “one window” service, a specialist (if there is a redevelopment sketch on a copy of the plan) will have a free consultation, explaining what approval will be required specifically in your case, if such a redevelopment is allowed.