Apartment renovation in a new building

Nowadays, skyscrapers are often erected, apartments in which are sold to the first owners. And they, in turn, are settled in premises with bare walls and first of all begin to think over the overhaul plan. Unfortunately, now is not the days when they gave an apartment that could be forced to make furniture and start living, now everything is somewhat more complicated.

Surely many are interested in why it will not be possible to settle in a new building on the first day and why make repairs there, because it costs a lot of money, and it takes time for at least a few months. During the reign of Khrushchev and Brezhnev, the construction of housing high -rise buildings was ensured by compliance with two rules:

Monotonous apartments.

The durability of houses was only 40 years old.

Unfortunately, in those days they reasoned so that when the United States to develop in development will work, then they will begin to build really high -quality multi -story residential buildings. But while this has not happened, all the workers in the closet will have three costumes, and from the most funny entertainment a library will be available, clogged with unnecessary books on capitalism.

However, over the past years, many changes have occurred, which led to the fact that now the apartments are not issued, but it is necessary to purchase, and even in a mortgage, so that then 15 years to be the debtor of the state. It should be noted that the cost of such apartments outrages its high cost, but nothing can be done, because living with a child or two in their arms in a one -room apartment, and even with parents simply impossible.

Naturally, every man wants to equip the house at his discretion, so it makes sense to purchase an apartment with bare walls. The designer will help to cope with the creation of a unique interior. By the way, developers also get their benefits: builders spend much less time on the construction of the house, since there is no need to finish all the premises. Thus, the cost per square meter of the area is slightly reduced, and the demand for apartments is growing. Future tenants also win, as they are given the opportunity to finish each room at their discretion.

In fact, this strategy of developers acts quite efficiently, but the owners of apartments in new buildings must have some skills and knowledge to make major repairs. In addition, do not forget about the main problem of recently erected high -rise buildings – the shrinkage of the foundation. In fact, any building gives a shrinkage, even monolithic, and this is known to almost everyone.