Bath restoration

Your bath is outdated? Yellow spots, cracks began to appear on the surface, and enamel even irradiate in some places? Do not rush to the plumbing store at a new product, the restoration of the bathroom will help you. Bath restoration .UA/ in Ukraine is performed by professionals. Our experts have been helping people to resume the beauty and comfort of baths for more than eight years. With this approach, it is not necessary to dismantle the device, disconnect it from sewage systems and water supply, remove the walls of the walls, etc.D. All work is done on the spot when a specialist leaves.

Bath repair can be several types:

– enameling;

– the “bath in the bathroom” system;

– Acrylic coating.

Each of the methods increases the reliability of the design, reduces heat loss and leads the device to an excellent aesthetic state. When applying enamel, it is possible to add coloring pigments to the coating, which will change the color of the inner surface. Acryl will give the bathroom a delicate blue hue. Antibacterial properties to the device will give the bathroom coating in the bathroom created from an acrylic liner.

Before the arrival of the master, it is necessary to dismantle a plastic cornice framing the bath. It is also necessary to push away or endure all objects that interfere with free access to the device. When working on the restoration of baths, it is necessary to connect to sewage system and water supply, the presence of a shower, siphon and mixer. The door must be installed in the bathroom. The master must provide quality certificates for the coating material and give a guarantee to work.