Bimetallic heating radiators

Bimetallic heating radiators perfectly combine the advantages of two different metals, while practically no shortcomings. Stylish and elegant aluminum external case hides reliable steel elements under it. Such batteries easily withstand pressure to forty atmospheres, which significantly increases their service life. On average, such a radiator serves without the need to repair about twenty years.

The use of aluminum in the design of the battery allows you to improve its heat transfer several times compared to outdated models. In addition, modern bimetallic heating radiators are distinguished by a beautiful design, so they can not be hidden for additional finishes or curtains. Which, again, will make the heating of the room faster and more effective. But, of course, their main advantage is high resistance to corrosion.

Typically, such radiators between the sections have reliable pads of paronite, which makes them more durable and safe during operation. This type of batteries boast not only an excellent appearance, but also outstanding technical characteristics, which are the key to stable and uninterrupted work. That is why bimetall radiators are in great demand among customers, even though they cost much more than traditional cast -iron or aluminum radiators. Of course, they cost a lot, but such a difference in price easily pays off an increased service life, a pleasant design and effective heat transfer.