The last development in the field of fireplaces are biomemins. They are produced according to the latest technologies and modern materials. The presence of an extract is not required to work such a fireplace, since it does not smoke and does not emit smoke. You can enjoy the “live fire” immediately after the acquisition of a biofigamin. It can be installed almost anywhere in your house.

The life of this product is long, so you and your family will enjoy the work of an environmentally friendly, economical, beautiful and safe fireplace for a long time, which will help create coziness and comfort in the room.These devices operate on ecological fuel of biological origin. Fuel is poured into a special tank. It burns without the appearance of sparks, harmful smoke, as well as soot. By opening or closing the special cover of the fireplace block, you can adjust the flame intensity. Biocamines are lined and decorated with special painted steel, marble, veneer or other finishing materials.

Biocemies are absolutely safe due to their unique design. Open Fire of the Bio -Kamin is located in the controlled area.

It is also worth highlighting that such fireplaces are very easy to operate, especially when compared with traditional. It is very simple to take care of such a device, quite wet cleaning.

Models of such devices are diverse, so you can choose for any interior. Thanks to the numerous advantages of biomons are an excellent decor for apartments, cafes, bars, offices and other premises.