Biocemies are a new generation fireplace and their place in our life

Biocamines are fireplaces of new generations. They give live fire without the formation of soot and combustion products. In addition, when installing it, there is no need for hood and additional construction work.

Its installation is simple to disgrace: get and put in any place. Fireplaces can be hanged on the wall, which will give the room additional comfort and comfort. Such a fireplace will serve you for many years and delight you and your guests.

Biocemies inside are equipped with a heating unit from the hearth and steel. Bueling is poured inside the block. It burns brightly and does not distinguish harmful toxic substances, soot, smoke, soot and gas in the process of burning. During combustion, steam is formed. This is not only safe, on the contrary, it is also useful for human health. Biocamines do not burn oxygen in the room. Flame regulation occurs by closing or opening the heating tank cover.

The steel frame in the fireplace is painted with special paint, the fireplace has a beautiful framing of refractory glass, granite and marble. The main advantage of biocons is mobility. It can be transferred to another room at any time. Therefore, they are often used as a heating source.

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