Block House – a unique type of lining

Block House – lumber, the geometry of which imitates a round surface of the log. Unlike ordinary logs, this material does not crack and does not dry out over time, it has a flat surface, and therefore is characterized by a long service life.

Not everyone wants to live in a completely wooden house, but at the same time, many owners of country cottages want to have an interior decoration of wood. In this case, it is recommended to purchase a block house price for which is not so high. The fact is that it is great for the skin of brick walls, reinforced concrete, foam blocks or cinder blocks. As a matter of fact, it is for such purposes that it is intended.

The Block House is customary to call a wide thick lining with a rounded front surface, used for horizontal building skin, both indoors and out of them. This finishing material is well combined with glued and profiled timber, it is also actively used in the construction of light frame houses.

It is made of spruce or pine. It can also be mounted in a horizontal way, but most often the walls of the walls with this material are carried out horizontally. As soon as the installation work is finished, the House block is covered with colorless wax -based varnish, which has protective properties.

The material has many advantages. It is characterized by low thermal conductivity, practicality, durability, environmental friendliness, convenience in assembly, lightness, high strength, increased resistance to decay and deformation. It can be used to decorate private houses, cottages, baths and even city apartments. Filling the home with serenity and peacefulness, it absorbs excess moisture, creating the most comfortable microclimate.