Car repair for a hundred

A passenger car is a personal vehicle that makes it possible to comfortably and quickly get from one place to another. But, unfortunately, a car is a technique that breaks one way or another, it needs constant care, tire change, regular grafting of oil, etc. P. In this case, some immediately run to look at the hood, while others go from a lack of knowledge and time to a hundred, where they are faced with numerous problems.

No matter how bitter it is to be aware of, but we are deceived even when buying a car. Car dealership owners often offer us to buy us equipped cars at prices lower than on a car market. But actually it is not. To make sure, visit the market and you will see everything for yourself. When repairing even for decent service stations, they overstate prices for services, and you can talk about prices for spare parts forever. For example, if you make a Honda Sivik repairs at a hundred and will not delve into the process, then you will pay not a small amount. In this case, it is necessary to go around more than one maintenance point, compare prices and quality of work. It is best to come with your spare parts, and not buy from them. If you do not know much in repairs, then before leaving the service station, remove the probe and look at the oil, if it resembles vegetable, then it was replaced, in another case, unfortunately there is no.

Also, if possible, always be present when diagnosing a car, some employees of a service station may not even look under the hood. Sometimes masters overstate the fee for labor hours, it is even necessary to logically imagine how much time the candle will take time.