Cast iron retro radiators

Cast iron radiators are well known to most of our compatriots since childhood, have never been distinguished by a beautiful appearance. Bulky and rusty, constantly proceeding and fragile, they left many negative impressions. When making repairs, the owners of the apartments were bashfully tried to hide them from prying eyes behind decorative screens, as a result of the use of which the heating of the premises became less effective.

Nowadays, aluminum and bimetallic heating radiators from foreign manufacturers have appeared on the market, which votedly caused a real splash among the population. They looked not just new, but really amazing – stylish and modern. Fortunately, the faithful cast iron was still not forgotten, as a result of which cast -iron retro radiators with exquisite design began to be very popular. These are high -quality and reliable products, the design of which copies all the best that you can take from the retro style. Such batteries will be an ideal choice for lovers of antiquity and connoisseurs of the beautiful.

Modern cast iron radiators made in retro style will be an excellent decoration for rooms trimmed with classics. The used technologies of artistic cast -iron casting allow you to easily form elegant ornaments on the surface of such heating batteries that no one will definitely hide behind decorative screens.

At the same time, in their operational characteristics, radiators from cast iron exceed any other models. They are produced by both foreign and some domestic manufacturers. Of course, the cost of magnificent products designed in retro style will not be cheap, but it is quite justified, because you really want to pay for such beauty!