Ceiling repair: what to choose

Most often, when performing elementary repairs in the apartment, people are ordered by relatively inexpensive stretch ceilings, while they are all guided by very, very significant reasons in their opinion. The first reason is the most basic, of course, the appearance of the ceilings. You can give the stretch ceiling a completely buoy shape, make them so to speak stepped, in it to integrate special lighting devices if desired. Texture and color, gloss or matte ceiling – all this you can choose at your discretion. Separate manufacturers of suspended ceilings offer to order photo printing on the ceiling surface, depict a cloud or meadow on the ceiling, stars.The second reason for the choice of such wallpaper is the durability of such a coating. For many years, it is precisely such a ceiling that will delight you with its original very beautiful look, because during this period of time there will be no changes with the ceiling with the ceiling. They also choose a stretch ceiling due to the fact that the material from which it is made is environmentally friendly. Today, stretch ceilings are made of synthetic fabric, from polyvinyl chloride. Of course, such a material is not at all toxic, it is safe, and therefore a stretch type ceiling can be used even in kindergarten, in a clinic.

Stretch ceilings are mounted unusually simple. If we talk about PVC ceilings, then the heat is used in the work, and if you look at the ceiling from the fabric, then it is attached simply with a continuous cloth, and therefore the name of the ceiling is a stretch seamless ceiling.