Climate Controlled Cycleway Project in Dubai

Designed by architecture firm URB, LOOP is a 93-kilometre sustainable cycling route that aims to encourage Dubai residents to choose a healthy mode of transport.

The design provides climate control throughout the year, making walking and cycling the city’s preferred form of transportation. An initiative that hopes that 80% of Dubai’s residents will get to work on foot or by bike. The project is currently at the research and development stage.

“Our goal is to reshape Dubai’s future mobility infrastructure to be more than just transportation systems. Think of such infrastructure in the same way as spaces and public services for people, where recreational and recreational services can also be provided. communication. These types of infrastructure should be an enjoyable form of transportation, no matter the weather.” – Baharash Bagherian, CEO of URB.

The project aims to reduce reliance on cars by providing walking and cycling opportunities and integrating essential amenities into its design. This will be a significant shift in the infrastructure of Dubai, a car-centric city built through a process of rapid urbanization. In addition to climate control, the structure is also planned to house several interconnected activities such as vertical farms for food security, parks and recreation, various amenities and business opportunities.

Dubai aims to be a 20-minute city where residents can access daily needs and destinations within 20 minutes of walking or cycling. The initiative is set out in the 2040 City Master Plan and Urban Mobility Strategy. The LOOP project lives up to these ambitions as it aims to bring better connectivity and general amenities to the neighborhood. The project also plans to use kinetic energy to provide a renewable energy source. Irrigation systems are also planned to run on recycled water to reduce resource consumption.