Concrete floors.

One of the most affordable options for industrial flooring is the concrete base. High -quality concrete floors withstand heavy loads and last a long time.

The approximate list of working measures to create a floor of concrete includes:

If necessary, a waterproofing layer is created on a rough basis;

Then the installation of reinforcing elements is carried out;

The concrete mass is submitted to the work site with mixers with the relevant documentation;

In some cases, concrete is taken by capture by concrete pumps;

Additional reinforcement is performed, which can be used anchor fiber made of steel;

Concrete laying is carried out with orientation to liquid beacons;

The vibration procedure of the solution is performed by rails or special vibrators;

Then, grinding the concrete base is made by concrete-finishing installations (one- or two-rope).

The addition of the formed floor (topping) can be carried out as a addition using strengtheners from quartz, corundum, metal or chemical fillers. It should be noted that the solidification procedure may increase.

Grinded concrete screed is a good basis for the subsequent filling of self -leveling polymer compositions and laying porcelain stoneware. However, in this case, it is necessary to qualitatively perform preliminary surface cleaning, primed existing defects, and if there are slopes, align them with special compositions.