CQR penetration testing services: the key to information security

CQR offers a very wide range of penetration testing services. As a rule, they help various organizations to significantly improve their cybersecurity level and protect valuable data directly from potential threats.
Currently, CQR is a reliable partner for any organization seeking to ensure a sufficiently high level of security for its information. Her objective professionalism, as well as a thoughtful, comprehensive approach with a constant desire for improvement, make her the first choice especially for those who particularly value reliability and quality in the field of cybersecurity.

Services and features

Here are some of the key services that CQR provides:

  1. External Penetration Testing: This highly sought-after service primarily involves scanning an organization’s external systems and applications to identify exceptional vulnerabilities that are accessible to external attackers. The Pentest team of experts conducts a fairly thorough analysis of all available external entry points in order to, in turn, provide the highest possible protection directly from external threats.
  2. Internal penetration testing: specialists, as a rule, perform a general scan of the network, analyzing the level of access of employees and identifying potential threats.
  3. Physical penetration testing: Pen test includes assessment of office premises, server rooms and other organizational facilities. Here, physical barriers are analyzed, as well as access control systems, in order to subsequently eliminate any possibility of unauthorized access to critical resources.
  4. Social engineering testing: this is an important Pentest as a Service service, which allows you to assess the level of employee awareness of cybersecurity and identify potentially high vulnerabilities directly related to the human factor.
  5. Consulting Services and Training: CQR provides knowledgeable cybersecurity consulting services and training to help organizations develop and implement the most effective information security strategies.

Final Recommendations

In conclusion, all of these services represent a sophisticated, holistic approach to information security while helping numerous organizations minimize risk and protect their assets from potential threats. With CQR, valuable information is directly protected, giving you peace of mind and confidence in your cybersecurity.