Design of the living room

When thinking about the design of the interior of the living room, remember that it needs to be built around any center. Typically, such a center is a fireplace, but maybe a TV or home theater. Around the selected center, place a soft sofa and comfortable armchairs, pillows and carpets to sit on the floor. Thus, you will create a cozy place to communicate. Another option for designing the living room: if there is any feature of the room – a large niche with an arch or a window the size of a wall from which a delightful look opens – upholstered furniture can be placed near the window. In this case, the interior of the living room is planned so that the view from the window becomes the main decorative part of the situation. However, usually in the interior of the living room a TV dominates, it will always help to occupy both the owners and guests. Separately, you can talk about the design of the living room combined with the kitchen.

The interior design of the living room can be designed in different style, from classics to minimalism, with all kinds of combinations. The living room of a very hospitable house is suitable for warm colors that create high mood in the interior. When the living room is primarily intended for relaxation, it is recommended to stop in cold colors – green, blue, blue tone. Outdoor enthusiasts prefer to connect the living room and dining room together. The living room combined with the dining room is usually divided into two parts using color. To do this, arrange a dining area in bright colors, a place near a TV or fireplace arrange in cold, calm tones. Pay attention to the living room lighting system. With the help of upper lighting, the atmosphere of the holiday is created, the use of various side and spot sources of light will give you a feeling of comfort.