Diesel generators for construction work

Work at the construction site usually begins without connecting to the central line of power transmission. Indeed, in order to organize the connection to the power lines, it is necessary to obtain a fairly large number of approvals and comply with the requirement of instructions. As a rule, the requirements may provide for the installation of a transformer or substation, which is possible for large construction sites, but not profitable if the object is small – for example, private low -rise construction.

For private construction, it is optimal to use autonomous power supply sources, in particular diesel generators. A powerful diesel generator 30 kW is the best solution, reports and offers in the catalog the generators of this and other brands at the best prices. Diesel generators are much more economical than gasoline, but also more powerful. Sometimes they say that such a model gives more noise than gasoline. At the same time, modern diesel generators have a lower noise indicator during functioning.

Diesel generators are necessary in private construction teams constantly. The best option to buy such equipment in ownership, and not use rolling services.