Diesel generators with a capacity of 100 kW.

Industrial Enterprise Electrogeners in the assortment. In particular, the model line includes a 100 kW generator on a diesel engine, which is reliable and stable in work. Models of generators with power potential of 100 kW. differ in the type of service and installations – portable or stationary.

Units can be used as a single or additional source of energy.

Diesel electric generators per 100 kW. used in construction, production and service areas. The advantage and feature of this generator is the possibility of its operation without basic communications, which is beneficial for construction organizations that work on remote construction sites.

Advantages of a generator with a capacity of 100 kW:

equipment can replace energy sources, providing stable autonomous functioning;

fast value of value;

It is possible to operate in open areas – provided that reliable protection against weather phenomena;

The device is easy to serve without using additional equipment.

Also, the Order of Industrial offers generators on a diesel engine with a capacity of 200 kW. The versatility of this model is due to the ability to work from the mains. In this case, the user receives not only a convenient, but also an economical method of supplying devices by power supply.