Dismantling of windows

Installation of a window frame is already a final operation that brings joy. But dismantling the owners need to survive.

The main problem of dismantling window openings in dust and fragments. Therefore, the owners of the room must immediately cover the entire furniture with a film. Correct specialists either warn about this in advance, or are engaged in the protection of property themselves.

Dismantling can be standard and non -standard. The standard dismantling of the windows involves the elimination of the old object without its safety. Wooden windows are suitable for standard dismantling.

With non -standard dismantling, at the request of the customer, the initial design with glazing is preserved. This kind of work is difficult and scrupulous. Only a professional will be able to dismantle the old frame without harming her. Also, non -standard situations include plastic and metal windows.

For the correct removal of the structure, without violation of the shape and geometry of the opening, you will need sawing tools. To get started, it is necessary to remove the glass from the window. Otherwise, during work, they can collapse by injuring the installer. After remove the wings from the loops, if any. The remains of the frame must be cut and removed from the window opening. The cut should be done carefully without damaging the wall and the jumper. The building can be old and dilapidated, this must be taken into account when removing the window. In addition, there were cases when the equestrian filling itself served as a jumper in the opening.