DIY balcony design

The balcony is not just a part of the apartment that is littered with the necessary things. It can be made elegant, comfortable, and functional. Before you make the final decision on how the apartment will look, consult if you live not one. So that later this room does not become a stumbling block.If the balcony is near the kitchen, then at the expense of it they strive to make a pantry, most often. However, having put several chairs and a small table, we turn the balcony into a resting place. Instead of chairs, you can make a shop with a soft seat, which, if necessary, can be raised. To save a place to also make a rising table. In the case when the view from the balcony is beautiful, then the skin can be replaced with transparent, thereby increasing the observed territory.

With an option when the balcony is used for flowers, you can embellish the walls with decorative elements. Small stone clips with the transition to the shelves. Using metal structures, make color stands at different levels. This will make it possible to increase the variety of colors.

If the balcony is connected to the room, then you can make an office or a recreation area from it. For the office, it is enough to lengthen the windowsill, which will replace the desk. This option is not suitable for a computer table, a countertop is made on order for the width of the balcony if the wall has not been demolished.

The balcony will be a great vacation spot if you place a sofa or sofa there. An interesting option could be wall decoration with street cladding, and make a place to relax in the form of French benches. Decorate with floor flows or hanging from the ceiling. And the necessary things can be hidden behind an inconspicuous cabinet, which is glued with wallpaper or oilcloth combining with the walls.