Do -it -yourself repair. Underwater rocks.

Before starting the repair of the apartment and even more redevelopment, be sure to weigh all the important points. First of all, it is worth correlating financial costs, as well as consider the relevance of repairs as such. And finally, decide – to make repairs with your own hands or hire a team of professionals in this matter. But take into account that when making a choice, you not only choose savings or overpayment. As high quality as experts, you definitely cannot do, unless, of course, you are a builder by profession.

Let’s reason. To align and prepare the surface is not so difficult. Nevertheless, the people unprepared for this case, in the lack of experience and special equipment, the process may drag on for a long time. Yes, and spend a lot of strength. But this is only the beginning, the main thing is not to give up at this stage. For a non -professional, a competent problem of walls, primer and grout will become a time -consuming problem.

And the laying of tiles is a separate topic. Because there are plenty of video materials on the Internet on this issue, but not everyone can solve a real problem such as an even tile cutting, preparing holes, even using special lessons and literature. And don’t think that the master for “finishing” is very simple to find. Reservation – good master.

Even if by eye it seems to you that you have done perfectly with work, no one can give a guarantee that in a year or two tiles will begin to crack and the wallpaper bubbling. Because there are many indispensable nuances of proper repairs that only experienced specialists know.

Therefore, before you take up your own hands, weigh the pros and cons.

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