Do -it -yourself repair: wallpaper wallpaper wallpaper

This type of repair is long known to everyone and everyone. To date, you can paste plastered surfaces using all kinds of sand and roller materials. Wallpaper is the most economical option that will help practically and efficiently realize any planned design solution. In addition, which is very important, such a building material will last a long time and if defects appear on it, it can be easily and quickly replaced.

The advantages of wallpaper

The wallpaper is very simple in use, and it is not necessary to resort to the services of professionals in order to refresh the interior of your room. It is enough to have rolled wallpapers in the right amount, scissors or a stationery knife, special glue and rollers with which the glue is applied to the walls.

The advantage of paper wallpaper, in comparison with rolled and film materials, is that they are better. The latter, pass air and absorb moisture – this leads to a fungus on the wall and a harmful environment. Therefore, in most cases, living rooms glue it precisely with paper wallpaper, thereby observing the established sanitary standards. For other rooms (kitchen, toilet, built -in cabinets), film wallpapers are used, which are easily washed with an ordinary, damp cloth. But bathrooms, in which high humidity, are recommended to be pasted over with foam, vinylska and rootless films.

The choice of wallpaper

Such building materials are distinguished by different density, quality, color, texture, pattern. It is worth choosing based on the room in which it is planned to do repair work. In small rooms, wallpaper should be glued with small, vague drawings, since large ones visually reduce the room.

To increase the room – choose wallpaper with a vertical pattern and glue them for the ceiling. To hide unwanted things (for example, old furniture), glue the walls with bright, expressive wallpaper, which are striking and, thereby, distract attention from an unwanted object. But the popular style of minimalism, on the contrary, dictates the pasting of plain, delicate wallpaper.

Pay attention to the color of the wallpaper. This greatly affects the perception of the whole room and the mood of a person who has long been in this environment. Bright and colorful shades can be used in the kitchen or in living rooms. It is better to choose cold colors in sleeping rooms. Rolled wallpaper – Multifunctional and reliable material. They can be glued not only the walls, but also the ceiling. For the latter, light colors without patterns, classic and neatly.