Today Ulyanovsk doors on the site are represented by several main models. Therefore, so that you can choose an option that meets your requests, financial capabilities, you should take into account several important criteria.

Resistance to hacking, various mechanical loads. Find out which class the selected door belongs to.

Fire resistance. Such designs at the moment most. Demand a certificate confirming from sellers. The fire-resistant door must have heat and sound insulation properties. You must provide information about the materials used to fill the space inside the door. Remember, the seal, launched around the perimeter of the door is the key to good sound insulation. When installing the door, follow the fact that there are no gaps between the box and the door itself.

An important factor – door trim. Choose to your taste and color. It will be correct. If you choose the door you need, you will not be from the catalog. And from the samples presented in the exhibition hall. Having decided, make sure that the contract is noted in the finish that you have chosen. It can be varnish, but let it be environmentally friendly. Today, a leading position holds polyurethane varnish, on water -based.

Remember that the cost of the finished door includes not only the cost of the material, but also delivery, installation, maintenance (if any).

Do not forget that it is not enough for you just to purchase Ulyanovsk doors. You will also need to do their installation. And here it may be required help from specialists. Undoubtedly, you can carry out all the processes on your own, but only on condition that you will comply with the established requirements, as well as the norms.