Erotic in interior items

From the very beginning of the development of mankind, a naked body as a topic for creativity has always attracted painters, writers, architects. The designers of our time are also inherent in this tradition. They make interior items that evoke thoughts about sex, both women and men.

So, for example, various improvements in beds are very popular among designers. And this is reasonable, because most people directly on this subject of furniture most often and indulge in love joys, which prevents the creation of an appropriate atmosphere.

In particular, a well -known Lago brand is a bed, the frame of which is decorated with figures of figures in various sexual poses from the famous “Kama Sutra”. In the event that you can’t decide on how to behave at night, you can simply raise the mattress and choose the most you like. You can buy a mattress on the site.

Cassina Brand offered its customers a large laid out sofa. The armrests are attached to special steel sliding racks, as well as the pillows of this sofa. Fans of the use of handcuffs in love joys, these racks create additional amenities for their fastening. And the pillows themselves can be installed at different angles, which makes the performance of a particular post the most comfortable.

Well, under the Driade brand, a sofa with a back in the form of a naked girl was released.

Creative designers and chairs with chairs did not go unnoticed. The Dutch company Moooi added to its frameless furniture an unusual copy of the chapla in the form of a scrotum with imitation of the phallus as a back. When a person sits in this chair, an automatic redistribution of the filler occurs, and the fallos back is straightened.

But Novembre Fabio invented a chair imitating a female ass.

However, not only furniture items can inspire thoughts about sex, but also lighting devices. Famous Dutch manufacturers of lamps Brand and Van Egmond offered chandeliers with a steel lampshade in the form of a female corset. And the German designer Konstantin Vortman made a series of lighting devices made in the form of spermatozoa of different sizes.

And even in such a completely unpretentious interior item, like a flower vase, it turns out, you can introduce an element of eroticism. So famous designer from Holland Wanders Marcel, in an ordinary condom put boiled eggs, then simply packaged what happened in porcelain. And the creative vase is ready.