Factors affecting the value of real estate

Each of us, sooner or later, is faced with the question of the purchase or sale of real estate, and, not so important which one (apartment, house, cottage, etc. D.). There are many potential buyers around if you are a seller, and many sellers, if you are a buyer. In such a frantic stream and abundance of proposals, it is easy to get confused. And most importantly, if you do not understand the reasons why the price of this or that real estate is just such, and not the other, then you can be deceived. There are several factors by which you can determine the approximate price range for this or that real estate. Order the construction of country houses, now cottages are valued in price. This is a good investment.

The first and fundamental factor, of course, is the location of the real estate under study within the city. Real estate located in the city center costs more than the one on the outskirts. This is explained by the fact that the center has developed infrastructure, a large number of shops, shopping centers, entertainment institutions. In addition, most likely, the place of your work is also in the center, which means that it is close to your home. The remoteness from the metro station also plays a large role in the price of the apartment: the closer – the more expensive. In the case of an apartment, which is located in an area remote from the center, here, more than ever, it is important that the apartment is as close to the subway as possible.

The second factor is the type of structure and the year of construction. The more years the building in which the apartment is located, the less it is valued (unless of course, we are not talking about historical buildings). Thanks to this, it becomes clear why apartments in new buildings, sometimes, are several times more expensive than apartments in Stalin’s houses.

Also, the layout and size of the living space remain an important factor. If a good redevelopment is carried out in the apartment and high -quality repairs are made, then its price is automatically higher.

Number of storeys. The presence of an elevator, and the floor on which the apartment is located also play a large role. Apartments on the first and last floors are cheaper than all.

Household amenities. The presence of a garbage chute, a telephone cable, elementary items and hygiene devices in the bathroom contribute to increasing the price of an apartment.

The price also depends on the time of year. Practice has shown that private houses are in great demand in the summer than in winter. In conclusion, it is worth noting that an important factor in the price of the apartment is the general environmental situation in the area where real estate is located.