Features of the wires of MKESH

MKASh Noner MKESh with the presence of steam twisting for electrical installations, as well as data transfer lines. Such cables with steam twisting are most often intended for electrical installations, as well as for data transfer lines and are found in industrial lines for transmitting control signals.

They are also necessary for control, signaling systems, for adjusting electronic equipment and various devices. It is important that their value is presented for industrial data transfer networks, as well as for interprofitry installation of electrical devices, which operate in alternating voltage conditions up to five hundred volts or under a constant voltage of up to seven hundred and fifty volts.

Its use is also necessary in conditions of increased external electromagnetic influence.

Installation cables with copper cores have their insulating coating, as well as a shell made of polyvinyl chloride plastic. Individual screens of steam and a special overall screen are also present there.

If there are conductive veins made of copper tinned wires, then it is necessary to add a special index “L” to the cable brand