Garden in the courtyard.

If relatively large, groomed, spaces between houses in new buildings are already depressing, then in the center where the courtyards are very small, their species leads to longing. You can plant (as usual) heels of maple and lip, and in the center – poplars, but why is this work, when you can call designers!? – They have many projects for large and small courtyards, even for tiny bitches of land inside the so -called “patio”! Moreover, even after implementation, they usually “monitor” the state of the “objects” surrendered.

What projects? – Even the courtyard – the “well” can be laid out with ceramic tiles, paint it, plant only a few trees, which the designers in landscapes call “architectural” (and their list is great – from apple tree or pear and banal bushes of currants or raspberries). Now add two or three-no more-flower beds with bright, but not photophilous (the courtyard is “well”!) flowers, and you will get a heavenly place of rest. One of the projects even says that in the yard “you can let the brook to the fountain”, which will give the “effect of the murmur of running water”, but … it is difficult to imagine this miracle somehow. But will everyone agree to bypass the “stream” (even on the bridge) already a tiny courtyard?

But during design work in the yards of new buildings, where there are, where to turn around, such streams would be very appropriate and beautiful. Especially in summer. But to begin the design of the garden in the courtyards of “ordinary” houses should not be with decoration, but with “hiding”. It is necessary to hide the garbage tanks and boxes from the views, doors with powder spraying and so on – not only thick shrubs are acceptable here, but also usually not approved by “landscape designers” of the structures from the racks, a frame that can be planted for any climate is best suited Christmas trees. But we need a specialist advice – so that the trees do not damage their roots of sewer pipes, otherwise, in ignorance, such a “handle” will come out!

The yard itself can also be decorated in different ways. The same hedges from the erect shrubs will be appropriate around the tennis court or rink (this is by the size of the courtyard, in others and football floors are broken, you can order beautiful benches and tents above them). Table gazebos that are usually available in such courtyards can be turned into fairy -tale houses, as some designers offer even in “ethnic” styles. Imagine a tower, and a pavilion from “1000 nights” is nearby!

You can’t do without flowers, it is better to grow perennials first in pots at home, on balconies, and then break flower beds. But it is better to call experienced designers