Heat insulators and door insulation.

The operating conditions of any house suggest harmful effects on its functional and structural elements. First of all, the creation of reliable insulation for heating and drainage systems is required. Reliable heat insulators will prevent the processes of depressurization and destruction of structures. For these purposes, it is recommended to use Grand Line, Rockwool and KNAUF insulation, and buy door insulation in the store at the best prices.

However, for the full provision of the house to warming, the corresponding insulation of the doors should be provided. The Rockwall and Knauf line contain special models of heat insulators for the decoration of door leafs, which at the same time do not reduce the functional qualities of structures. In particular, basalt products give a minimum shrinkage of the building and do not weight the doors, while maintaining the initial shape. With competent installation, the insulator will prevent the formation of cracks and gaps that potentially can act as “cold bridges”.

Dense thermal insulators for the doors presented in the Ilirt assortment contain organic components and can be used both in private houses and for insulation of industrial premises. All stores of the store have certification documents, which indicates the reliability of insulation. Also, their environmental safety allows you to provide insulation internal surfaces, which is especially important for doors.