House with your own hands – exclusive or madness?

About twenty percent of the owners of country houses in Russia, it turns out, is engaged in the construction of their garden buildings (houses, baths, utility buildings) on their own.

Such statistics are given by the site /. These are the realities of our time. It would seem that the presence of modern technologies, the efficiency of materials from which they are now building houses, as well as a shortage of time should have forced people to turn to construction teams, but this sometimes does not happen. Moreover, they independently build not only those who want to save. Often, people who are very busy at work, their own business in their cottage areas put their sleeves and stoically knead cement, concrete, erect brick, wooden houses, invent their own projects, and then create homework masterpieces for more than one year. Naturally, not in a single one, with the help of friends and loved ones.

This is a kind of extreme, an attempt to realize yourself or get away from working problems, throw some troubles out of your head, relieve fatigue from constant employment at work.

And those who really strive for changes in activity are usually a successful businessman, a good director, and in the process of “summer” work they give birth to new creative ideas for production and then successfully implement them in the business sphere.

By the way, as experts counted, the house with your own hands sometimes costs more than an analogue erected in a short time by a construction team. And this is understandable, the transportation of building materials, purchase of them without discounts or with minimal discounts, the purchase of equipment is not the cheapest components in construction. So, today we can call the skill, desire and ability to realize what you have planned, especially the construction of the house.