How to choose a bathroom tile

You can choose a bathroom tile for quite some time, especially if there are many different types before your eyes. However, by choosing tiles, you can breathe a sigh of relief, because the most difficult stage is already behind. We bring to your attention some tips that will allow you to choose a bathroom tile.

Buying tiles, it is best to have a photo of the bathroom with you. This will make it possible to evaluate to sellers the entire updated scale of repair.

It is necessary to decide on the material from which your new tile will be made. In the store carefully study the entire assortment. There can be an incredibly many existing tile options: tile, porcelain, natural stone, ceramic, etc.

Most often glazed ceramic tiles are used to arrange the interior of the bathroom. It is waterproof and is relatively cheap worth. If you want your tile from some other material, you need to make sure its water-repellent properties. From tile manufacturers quite often chosen the Italian company Atlas Concorde Marvel, as well as many other German and Spanish options. Laying tiles is quite simple, due to the fact that it is made of relatively soft material and easily cut.

Natural stone can be a rather interesting solution for the interior of the bathroom, of course, if this is the budget. By the way, laying stone tiles is also quite expensive.

You need to immediately decide what size tiles you will use. Large tiles are best suited for a spacious bathroom, especially if it already has some kind of pattern. Among other things, large tiles, visually increases the room, so for medium -sized bathrooms it is also perfect.

Decide which color will have the interior of the bathroom. The most popular colors include almonds, elephant bones and other neutral shades. But you do not need to be afraid of bold colors, and with motley tiles you can even experiment. When choosing a color scheme, take into account what color your plumbing will have – you need to harmonize with future tiles.

Before making a choice, it is necessary to decide what tiles the texture will have, depending on where it will be placed. If it is a floor tile, especially near the bathroom, then it should not be slippery from the water. Tiles that are laid in the shower should have water -repellent properties, as well as prevent the formation of mold.