How to choose the front door.

The modern market presents many types of interior doors. When choosing a door on the site, you need to imagine how it will fit into the design of the room. After all, at present, interior doors are combining two purposes at once. This is an isolating element between the rooms, and the most important design attribute. For a classic style of room, a door from an array is better.

All products, not excluding the doors from the array, have their pros and cons of.

The advantages of interior doors from array

Array doors are, first of all, environmentally friendly material. After all, boards are made from oak, beech, pine trees, alder, ash, nut, larch and other trees. They are, of course, of high quality, without all kinds of defects. Array is strength, prestige, beauty.

Pros of massive doors:

Life time. The doors from the array are distinguished by their durability. With proper operation and timely care, the product will last you at least 100 years.

The wood array has excellent soundproofing properties. In addition, it retains heat, so in the room behind such doors there will always be comfort and comfort.

Resistance to mechanical damage. A wooden array cannot be damaged if, of course, not to beat it with a hammer or try to cut it with an ax.

Immunity to temperature drops. If the room is cold or hot – this will not in any way affect the volume of the door from the array. She will not get tired and will not swell.

High -quality door from an array is an excellent appearance. A wooden door can be painted or varnished. The second option is more suitable, since a bizarre wood pattern will be visible through the varnish, which will complement the interior of the room with its beauty.

Disadvantages of the door from array

Perhaps the only significant drawback is the high price of an array. She is not everyone can afford.

The remaining disadvantages are trifles compared to the advantages. The door from the array should not be used in very wet rooms. This applies to the bathroom and the bathroom. For the same reason, it is not recommended to install it like the front door. Especially moisture is afraid of pine wood.

But these disadvantages can be opposed with the help of special compositions with which the wood is impregnated. The same products will protect the array from combustion, rot and the appearance of the fungus.

A significant disadvantage is the care of the door from the array. It must be regular. If at first the door can simply be wiped with a damp cloth, then subsequently, perhaps it will have to restore it.