How to choose the right brick

Brick is a very common building material, since it is used both for the construction and clarification of buildings. There are many types of bricks, so it is important to correctly decide on its choice and brick to buy the most suitable. In order to find out exactly what kind of brick is suitable for you to carry out certain construction work, you need to consider the technical and operational qualities of each of the varieties of bricks.

Silicate bricks and clay bricks (ceramic) are distinguished, but since only products made of burned clay fall under the traditional concept of brick, it is impossible to name silicate brick, you cannot. Ceramic bricks are of various varieties and subspecies.

Full -bodied bricks

In such a material, the volume of voids does not exceed 13%, so it is used for the construction of supporting structures, which, in addition to their weight, will carry the weight of other structures. Full -bodied brick is often called just construction or ordinary. Such material should be durable (on the bend and compressive), waterproof (degree of moisture absorption of not more than 8%), frost -resistant. The lack of complete brick is that it practically does not hold heat, so if you build an outer wall from it, it will have to be insulated.

Hollow bricks

This brick has holes (voids occupy at least 13% of the volume), so it is lighter and cheap. It is usually used to build partitions, interior walls and other designs. The holes in such bricks can be different and located differently (this will depend on the strength of the material and its heat-insulating properties).

Facing brick

Since this material, most often goes to the lining of facades, it is most often called facade or facial. Facing brick has good frost -resistant characteristics and attractive appearance.

Glazed facing bricks

Such brick is available with different color coating, therefore it is usually used for decorative purposes.

Clinker brick

The material is very durable, due to the fact that it is produced from high -plating clay and burned at higher than usual temperatures. Clinker bricks are paved streets, courtyards or floors in industrial premises, faces basements and facades.

Shamotny brick

This building material is made of refractory clay, so it can withstand very high temperatures.