Improvement of a country house and space around it.

Everyone knows, so that it is comfortable and pleasant to walk around the suburban area of ​​the necessary to improve its territory. For this, they very often perform paving with natural stone or tiles of paths around the house, and it is not as difficult to do as it might seem at first glance. First, it is necessary to determine with the zone on which the tiles will be laid, and indicate it in any way, for example, using stakes.

Next, it is necessary to remove the fertile layer of soil from the ground and, if possible as much as possible, level the area on which work is underway. The cleaned and approximately leveled space must be filled with sand with a thickness of about ten centimeters. Sand must be leveled with a special level as smoothly and without waves. After that, you can already directly proceed to laying paving slabs.

The pattern of the track can be laid out in an arbitrary form, while you should not forget about the symmetry of the pattern of the laid tile itself. Tiles can be alternated not only in size, but also by color, so you can give an even greater personality path and the entire section as a whole. If desired, you can also install a border stone along the edges of the paths, this will not only strengthen them, but also make them more expressive. The border stone can simply be laid out in a trench dug for it or additionally fix it with a cement mortar. After completing the laying of tiles, you can proceed to the improvement of the territory around the paths and planting new plants. Having planted trees and bushes along the tracks, you can also fenced off from neighbors and prying eyes. Now certainly nothing will interfere with cozy, walk the owner in his own site.