Laying Besser

Besser blocks are the latest building material, which is an excellent alternative to the usual brick, foam blocks and other materials.

Besser cladding has real advantages over all well -known building materials. First of all, it is frost resistance and moisture resistance, which provides a long service life. Secondly, the decorativeness of the front surface, which is performed in the wide range of colors and various textures, so the finished wall does not need to be additionally finished. Thirdly, clear geometry of blocks. This will reduce the masonry time and save the masonry solution.Besser’s laying is carried out exactly in this way as any type of brick, but it must be borne in mind that the facade is not decorated with anything, therefore, it is necessary to ensure that there are no fluids of the solution or glue with increased attentiveness. Besser is laid so that the seams between individual blocks are obtained into a run (the upper row should be shifted by half of the block relative to the lower).