Laying ceramic tiles

Laying ceramic tiles

One of the final stages of repair is the flooring. Now the construction market has been proposed many material, which is equally suitable for creating a coating in apartments and houses. It can be linoleum, laminate, parquet or ceramic tiles. The last material is the most practical and durable.

Ceramic tiles are created from natural substances. Ceramics are very easy to care for and is able to last a long time. It can be used not only in the bathroom and kitchen, but also in the bedrooms. The laying of the tile does not take much time and the installation can be done with your own hands.

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Preparation of the floor for styling

Depending on which coating is now necessary on the floors, it is necessary to either dismantle it or carefully prepare. Ideally, you need to remove the old coating and align the floors with a screed. The screed is inexpensive – sand and concrete are used for it. Having set the level, you need to gradually pour the entire area and smooth the surface with the rule. A day later, the screed will dry and you can start laying the tile.

If the dismantling of old material is not possible, that is, a way to lay a tile on the old coating. A drywall or a pressed tree is stuffed on any surface and then the tile is placed. For laying on a wooden surface, there is a special glue KS-3.