Lighting in the living room.

The living room is traditionally considered the place of reception of guests, a place where the whole family is traditionally coming around in the evening after a hard day. There are many options for lighting the living room, classically it is a large chandelier in the center of the hall, but today there are many options. Depending on how your living room is arranged, which furniture for the living room is chosen, the optimal option is selected, but what to choose from the options received, of course, you are already, you.

Looking at the overall composition, it is necessary to take into account the following fact: the higher the ceilings and the larger room, the more bulky and massive there may be a chandelier. In a small room, such a chandelier simply clutches the space, and a small chandelier in a large room will simply be lost. Therefore, for a small living room, choose the most compact chandelier or one -lamp suspended lamp. Another small secret: if the room is small, then the lighting directed on the walls will help to maximize the light, for this you can mount the built -in lamps around the perimeter in the suspended ceiling so that the light falls directly on the walls.

Taking into account the overall style of the living room, you can mount point lamps around the perimeter of the ceiling or directly into the walls. Such design solutions are most suitable for minimalism styles, ethno, etc.

Когда чересчур высокий потолок нежелателен, а по факту он присутствует- визуально сократить расстояние поможет торшер. A chic floor lamp with a lampshade, gently scattering light, directs it to the floor, focusing on it. It may also be needed if it is necessary to highlight a separate recreation area, for example, between two small chairs and a coffee table. But if the recreation area is somewhere in the corner, then in this case the sconces and the wall ceiling is better.