Lining linoleum on the floor

Lining linoleum on the floor is carried out in two ways: using glue and without it.

Method with glue is used if more than 2 pieces of linoleum in one room are laid.Linoleum should lay down before gluing a couple of days to become even.

It should first be laid so that the entry on the wall is 5-7 cm, it will be more convenient to prepare the material for the room. After the material lay down, you need to cut it so that it does not reach the wall by 1 cm.

After – half of one piece of material bends, and glue is applied to it. Further according to the instructions: the glued part must be kept in the air, put back and squeeze the air with a wide brush or special ironer. It is also necessary to do with other pieces. Now you need to leave linoleum dry for two days and only after that install the plinth.

But if a room is small and it is needed for it 1 mucus or 2 pieces of material, then it is better to use the second laying option – without glue. Instead of it, a bilateral sticky tape is used so that linoleum does not lag behind the edge of the floor.

The seams between pieces are glued with cold welding liquid. If glue was used before, then the seams are applied only after its drying. Before welding, the seams are poured with liquid for welding, then applied adhesive tape. After a couple of hours the seam is ready – and the tape can be ripped off.