Liquid wallpaper – advantages and disadvantages

And again we faced the choice of wallpaper. New Year’s holidays are nearing, which can be happy to spent on the refinement of the walls.

Yesterday went shopping with wallpaper and … not a single color inspired.

The choice has sharply decreased. Those types that used usually (Ukraine) ended, and new ones, apparently, are not imported.

Therefore, other types of wallpaper began to consider.

We have 43 square meters area. That is, at least 9 rolls of ordinary wallpaper 10 meters long and 0.54 cm wide. At the average cost of the cheapest wallpaper 400 rubles, the cost will be released at 3600. And this is excluding the cost of glue.

For comparison, the value of the cost of liquid wallpaper on the same area:

It turns out that the cheapest wallpaper paper and vinyl will cost as much as the cheapest liquid.

Economically there is neither benefit nor extra expenses. Let’s see other qualities of liquid wallpaper.

Convenient transportation: liquid wallpaper in dry form weigh little and the volume is not large. Compared to rolls, it is much easier to carry in public transport.

Easy application. Of course, you can argue with this, because liquid wallpaper is applied by a spatula, like any other wall coating. However, the plus is that you can do it alone, without help and you do not need to wipe the floor from the glue after each strip.

Easy to repair. Over time, any wallpaper on the walls is damaged-children draw, or touch with something sharp (when rearranging furniture, for example). In this case, it is enough with a wet cloth to soak the damaged place and remove. And apply fresh liquid wallpaper to this place. The color may vary slightly, depending on the degree of breeding, especially if the color of the wallpaper is very intense.

It is easy to make detergents. After dry wallpaper dries (from 12 to 72 hours, depending on the temperature and humidity in the room), they can be covered with acrylic varnish. And then the wallpaper turns into washing.

They feel great when shrinkable. Liquid wallpapers are best used in new buildings, since when shrinking the building, ordinary wallpapers often sag or overwhelm. But this does not threaten liquid wallpaper.

Environmental friendliness. Liquid wallpaper consists exclusively of paper, cotton and other natural components, diluted with water. Therefore, the walls breathe and perfectly pass moisture. At the same time, they are fireproof – they do not burn and do not spread fire on the walls.

For many years they retain their color – they practically do not burn out in the sun and absorb smells.

Liquid wallpaper is not recommended to apply kitchens and other wet rooms on the walls.