Man of Steel

Once again the story of Superman was filmed, popular in the form of comics. This time about the native of the planet Crypton will be described in the film “Man of Steel”. As before, Superman will not be able to understand his purpose for a long time, looking for himself in the human world.

In general, the work of director Zach Snyder and producer Christopher Nolan is similar to a kaleidoscope of beautiful pictures, deprived of support from the script. Dialogues of heroes are boring, and frequent monologues are annoying. Of course, there are a lot of special effects in the picture, but create a request “Download movies for free without registration” in the search engine to find a “person from steel”.

The director clearly overdid it with seriousness and pathos in his picture. In the intonations of all heroes, without exception, such sacrifice brings out that I just want to give everyone orders and medals. The boring dedication of the characters leads into a state of hibernation.

Even worse, there are practically no funny moments in the film. The only thing that looks like a joke is the name of the hero, for some reason sounding, like “feces”. True, the whole Superman is the name “Kal El”, but this does not change the essence.

If you do not pay attention to the protracted and tedious explanations of what is happening by the heroes themselves, the tape can be endured. Moreover, truly grandiose scenes of Superman battles with enemies will help to get distracted.

Superman, created by Zak Snyder, works as a journalist, carries under the suit underwear and is unusually romantic in character.