Panoramic elevators in private houses and their installation

The popularity of home elevators is growing. On the one hand, people are living longer, and the vast majority plan to grow old on the spot.

Indeed, a US survey found that 90% of adults over 65 would like to stay in their current place of residence. An elevator in a home serves a number of practical purposes besides increasing mobility, such as making it easier to move groceries or heavy items between floors. In addition, a home elevator is a talking point, not to mention that it can increase the value of a home by 10%.

Distinctive feature of the house

As the premier lift in Savaria’s residential lift range, this visually appealing lift comes in two shapes and six models, ranging from the compact, round 50-inch Vuelift Mini to the wheelchair-friendly Vuelift Octagonal + Glass. The powder-coated steel frame comes in black as standard, which can be upgraded to white or silver, or just about any custom color, like bright red, to match bolder interiors. The cab itself can be configured to provide straight, 90-degree, or three-way entry. And since the elevator includes a built-in hoist, there is no need to construct an elevator shaft. This means they can be placed almost anywhere on the floor plan.

Providing experience

Jean-Sebastien Guerre, co-founder of Montreal-based MU Architecture, has implemented Savaria elevators in a number of residential projects. He recalls one instance where clients requested a ledge ladder but also wanted to include the mobility benefits associated with a home lift. “They were pleased and thrilled that Vuelift increased the visual impact of the staircase, its design, and at the same time allowed for efficient space planning,” he said. “It definitely created the wow factor they were hoping for.”

Exceptional layout flexibility

The Vuelift is equipped with a reliable reel winding drive that uses aircraft grade cables for quiet and smooth operation. Lift capacities range from 500 pounds (225 kg) for Vuelift Mini to 950 pounds (430 kg) for full size models. This requires a minimum hole of only 4-12 inches (approximately 10-30 cm) and a headroom of only 96-108 inches (approximately 245-274 cm) depending on the model. All models offer a short ramp option when a pit is not possible. Vuelift can travel up to 50 feet or 55 feet with a deviation (15m and 17m respectively) at six stops.

These specifications and the integrated elevator hoist provide exceptional layout flexibility for both new construction and retrofit projects. Designers can place them for maximum design impact without sacrificing usability, whether in the center of a staircase, on a balcony or in the middle of an open concept space.
An integrated hoist also often results in a faster construction project. Because the elevator shaft doesn’t need to be built, Vuelift can be installed in weeks instead of months.