Parquet care

You need to start care for the parquet 10 – 14 days after its installation. For the first time, it is enough to wipe the floor with a soft damp cloth. You can use a hair brush, but also only soft.

In the future, it is recommended to use special protective compositions for care. They will protect the varnish covering of the parquet from abrasion, and the floor will last much longer, without requiring repair. Apply such compounds using a dry rag, evenly distributing them over the entire processed surface. An instruction is attached to each protective tool, which must be followed without fail.

In the apartments with such compositions, the parquet floor is enough to process once every one and a half months. In public places, the floor is subjected to much more intense loads, therefore it is recommended to process it more often: once every two weeks in offices and weekly in common areas.

If, nevertheless, the varnish coating of the parquet was damaged, then it is necessary to apply a fresh layer of varnish, first with the help of grinding, removing the old.

General cleaning of the parquet is carried out as the need arises in this, if any solid spots appear on the surface. To remove stains, the stain cooler is diluted in water, a rag is moistened in this solution, pushed it thoroughly and carefully so as not to damage the varnish, wiped the places of pollution.

Not complicated, but competent and constant parquet care for a long time to preserve this natural and very beautiful floor covering intact and preservation, allowing the inhabitants of the house to enjoy the comfort and comfort that only natural materials are able to create, one of which is a tree.

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