Plastic windows, as well as from wood, need a certain care. This process is divided into several stages. At the same time, they imply separate care for various elements of the window (profile, double -glazed window, seal and fittings).

As the window profile is polluted, it must be wiped with a very soft cloth, which must be pre -soaked with a special detergent designed specifically for plastic. Do not advise using funds containing abrasive substances or solvent.

Window double -glazed windows are usually made of glass, so recommendations for ordinary glass products are applied to them. But, as in the situation with the profile when cleaning the double -glazed window, they do not recommend using the means that may harm it.

Plastic windows are equipped with special sealing rubber as a seal. And when washing such windows, it is very important to clean it correctly. It is recommended to do this with a warm and slightly soap solution. Rubber must be thoroughly rinse through the entire perimeter, while cleaning the hidden cavities, which are called “petals”. Then you need to let them dry and lubricate with rubber care products that contain glycerin.

Cleaning and lubrication of accessories should be carried out at least twice a year (the best periods are spring and autumn). Add lithium lubricant must be in all technological grooves. It is convenient and correct to carry out this process immediately after washing windows. It is also recommended to use special sets for plastic windows. These sets consist of: special care fluid, lubrication for accessories and seals.

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