Repair in new buildings

When buying a new apartment, a situation often arises when you need to wait a bit with settlement. Nowadays, apartments are made without interior decoration. This is due to the fact that the building gives a shrinkage and the decoration may deteriorate. But such a question arises as you can quickly begin to finish the purchased apartment?

Any new building, after a while, will shrink. If the house was built using technology, then there will be no big changes. Small cracks may simply occur along the plaster layer, as well as on the pasted wallpaper. Such defects will indicate the shrinkage of the house, which lasts three to four years.

If there is no time, but the finish must be done, then materials that are more elastic should be used. The price of them will be slightly higher, but it is justified. Because of its elasticity, cracks will not be visible. Such materials easily withstand deformation.

As material, you can use wallpaper that on a fabric basis. You can also use parquet, the material of which should be natural wood. Stretch ceilings or building mixtures showed themselves well.

There is also a popular material that needs to be abandoned. This is construction tiles. It does not need to be laid for about five years. After passing this period, you can do installation. The most important principle that you need to pay attention to is the fact that in new buildings you do not need to make expensive repairs, due to loss of quality.

The apartment is a regular concrete box that does not even have a hint of work related to decoration or plumbing work. In different situations, people just lower their hands. But you do not need to lose heart, such apartments can become a place where designers will be able to show their talent.

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