Repair of large household appliances in Philadelphia and Atlanta: the advantages of the service

Without household appliances it is no longer possible to imagine the usual rhythm of life. She takes care of the laundry work, takes care of the condition of the supplies and allows them to be prepared comfortably and easily. If you urgently need, for example, Oven Repair, then Makkov LLC will help.”

Main advantages

The company employs more than 30 specialists, each of whom is armed with excellent tools, fully equipped, necessary for productive work; practical experience; Expert knowledge and skills of working with different brands. As a result, we manage to keep the bar high in two key parameters for any repair service.

Fast service. The breakdown of household appliances paralyzes life, forces you to change plans, and often creates a local emergency in the house that the owners have to contain on their own – for example, a soap flood. The Makkov LLC client will not have to wait long for the staff to respond to the call. And when the master arrives, he won’t bother for long. If efficiency is important, it makes sense to choose appliance repair from Makkov LLC.

Quality of work. A common situation is that the repairman worked his magic on the device and seemed to have fixed it, but after a short time the problem returns, sometimes even worsened or accompanied by secondary problems. The technicians at Makkov LLC do not mask the symptoms, but try to radically solve the problem so that the equipment does not bother the owners for a long time. Moreover, situations are excluded when an employee breaks more than he repairs due to inappropriate tools and a makeshift approach.

The work performed is guaranteed.

What do they work with?

  1. Washing machines (both front-loading and top-loading). For example, Washing Machine Repair Services are often associated with problems with a pump, drive belt, drum fins or blades, motor, control module.
  2. Dryers.
  3. Dishwashing units.
  4. Microwaves. There are technicians who specialize in Samsung, Whirlpool or LG.
  5. Ovens.
  6. Gas or electric hobs. Including those whose burners are covered with a glass panel. Makkov LLC also replaces such panels.
  7. Refrigerators. Among other types of work, the company’s employees know how to manipulate the cooling circuit of refrigerators – fix leaks, fill in fresh freon.

Professional diagnostics are carried out, components are replaced with compatible high-quality spare parts or repairs are carried out in accordance with the characteristics of the device. Don’t be afraid to handle both a typical and non-standard, complex problem.