Repair of washing machines affected by scale

One of the most common reasons for the breakdown of washing machines is the formation of scale. The main reason for the formation of the scale is a poor -quality state of water, when it includes a large amount of different impurities, first of all, it is calcium, salt, magnesium, mud particles, rusts. Most often, especially contaminated water enters the machine after a preventive or current repair of the water supply, or after a simple disconnection of water supply.

The originally formed scale leads to the fact that the thermal conductivity of the metal is reduced and the water begins to heat longer, the electricity consumption increases many times. Over time, the accumulated scale partially breaks down and clogs the tank walls along with the dirt, begin to rapidly wear out the movable elements that are part of the intake valve, which brings the valve, and subsequently the entire system into unsuitability in unusual.

In order to avoid breakdowns, it is necessary to independently check the state of the heater and how much scale has formed on it. The heating element is located directly under the drum and you can see it through the holes in it. To do this, it is recommended to take a large flashlight and, shaking the drum, enlighten the area under it until you have the opportunity to consider the state of the heater.

Nabhepi removal technique based on chemistry.

The chemical method is based on the use of acid -containing products that allow the scale to remove. Such a substance is also called anti -nakipin. In order to apply this product, you should run the washing machine for 1 cycle without linen. This tool, unlike water softeners, is not recommended to be used in the washing process, as it can ruin linen. After the water is heated, chemical reactions begin to occur, thanks to which the scale is split and turns into small powder. In such an aggregate state, scale is easily excreted from the machine. This method of repairing the washing machine has both positive and negative: are capable of:

Positive sides:

The method is effective,

Chemicals have a low cost,

The process is very fast.

Negative sides:

Acid vapors are harmful to human health and the environmental background,

In the event that the excessive amount of chemicals is used, rubber parts can lose tightness and flow.

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