Replacing brushes in a washing machine

Manufacturers in the instructions write that the duration of the brushes in normal mode is 8 hours. But it depends on the frequency of the machine. But how to determine exactly that it is time to change the worn brushes and make an urgent repair of the washing machine.

You need to pay attention to the following:

– A sharp reduction in engine power

– Strange noise during the rapid twisting of the drum

Analyzing the washing machine

First you need to turn off the machine. And only then can you start disassemble:

– Remove the back wall so that you can calmly unscrew the engine. There is nothing complicated, all operations are carried out with a simple screwdriver.

– You need to find and pull the drive belt on yourself, at the same time, twisting the pulley with the other hand. This is the only method to easily remove the belt.

– Now you need to turn off all the wires coming from the engine.

– The engine is usually attached with screws, getting rid of them, you can easily get the engine engine.

Replacing worn brushes

If you removed the engine, you can start replacing brushes. So that there are no problems with the purchase of new brushes, you must find out the type of engine. It is best to buy in special service centers or in large stores of household appliances. We also recommend looking for on the Internet. It will be as simple as possible, and there will definitely not be problems with the presence of a certain model.

Instructions for replacing brushes:

– Remove the brushes from the engine and carefully examine them. If your assumption is confirmed, then you will notice how much the brushes are worn out.

– Now it is necessary to check in what condition the collector is, for this you need to twist it with a finger. If you find shallow scratches, then do not be upset, they are easily cleaned with sandpaper.

– After that, you can already install new brushes, they are easily attached with a screwdriver.

– It is necessary to check how tightly the new brushes fit the electric motor. To do this, you need to scroll through the engine somewhat with your hands, if clicks are heard during the rotation of the drum, then you did everything right.

Settlement machine collection:

– With the help of screws or bolts, we strictly fix the engine, thereby returning it to its place.

– After that, the drive belt returns to the engine. To put on a belt without problems, you must first pull it onto the pulley, and then on the engine itself. So that everything exactly falls into place, scroll the belt a couple of times.

– We connect the wires back.

– Close and fix the back cover.

– Run the machine.