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Vapor -permeable films when warming the roof

Solving the problem of how the thermal insulation of the roof is performed, many do not suspect that today the waterproofing nudity films of vapor permeable performance are designed, first of all, to withstand the high indicator of the moisture content of the roofing structure.

Roof insulation

Most of the residential real estate in our country is not particularly characterized by effective thermal resistance, providing comfortable conditions in the room.

Types of roof

The building market for covering roofs offers a wide range of these products, which can satisfy the requests of even capricious buyers.

How to cover the roof with corrugated board

Corrugated board is one of the fairly light building materials, which makes it possible to significantly reduce the costs of a lightweight design of the roof system.

DIY roofing

Perhaps everyone knows that the roof is considered the main element of the structure, since it performs many functions, one of which is considered to protect houses from all kinds of precipitation.

Hot roof – its design

The hut roof of which is used very often in the construction sector, can be used as an attic superstructure.

Sod or earthen type of roof

Soda or earthen type of roof can rightfully be called a wonderful place to restore strength, as well as rest after heavy workdays.