Subtleties of redevelopment

With any planning of the apartment, partitions are erected, which divide the space inside the apartment into separate parts. Partitions must have: strength, sufficient sound insulation, reliable fastening. When redevelopment, partitions from slag block, brick, foam blocks, organ, plywood, dry plaster are used. Brick partitions are great for the bathroom. Brick partitions are very durable, perfectly absorb sound, but they are heavy and expensive.

The redevelopment of the duct must only be entrusted to a specialist in this field. Do not do it yourself and do not look for ordinary masters.

With any redevelopment of the apartment, a large amount of garbage accumulates. Try to collect garbage in a separate room. Stock up CRFT- bags, they will be necessary to dispose of garbage. You can find an organization engaged in the removal of construction waste.

After the construction of the walls and partitions, they must be finished. First, the walls are plastered. Then primer and do finish. Types of wall departments use a variety of walls: wallpaper, mirrors, fabric.

It is better to instruct the apartment to be redeveloped by the organization that redesign the apartment “turnkey”. So you can save a little money.

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