The design of a small kitchen

Small kitchen is found in apartments – located in the houses of the old Soviet building. Here, many will say about Khrushchev as a model of such small apartments. Indeed, in five-story buildings built in the 60s of the last century, the area of ​​the kitchen is about 6 m2, which does not meet the needs of the modern family. Accordingly, the design of such kitchens is quite difficult to perform.

Cabinet furniture manufacturers say that they have a large range of offers for both standard and overalls – and for small kitchen rooms. See the design of kitchens here you can choose stylish furniture of the wooden kitchen and it will look appropriate in this room. The site shows the photos of the design of the kitchen of a modern sample and here you can choose narrow -kept furniture that will visually lose the boundaries of this room.

The design of a small kitchen can often be changed using other options- for example, finishing, using mirrors, finally redevelopment. At the same time, it is the furniture for the kitchen that plays an important role.