The island of dreams

A charming arbor or romantic pavilion will give the garden an unprecedented charm. They will create a very special mood in the garden.For small gardens with a romantic note, openwork metal arbors are ideally suitable that will not take up much space and look light and airy. They can perfectly play the role of support for climbing roses, exuding a delicate aroma, and turn this corner of the garden into a real fabulous oasis. They can also be braided with other climbing plants, such as a mortgage, fragrant peas, chic clematis or fragrant honeysuckle, and we can grow marigolds and other colors.

Pavilions are more suitable for a large garden. Open structures shrouded by garden vines look advantageous. If you like to relax in the garden and in rainy weather, you can choose a closed type of pavilion made of wood or glass. Inside such pavilions you can equip a cozy small room, you can even with heating.

Do not forget the fact that the gazebo or pavilion should harmoniously pour into the landscape of the garden. Such structures will not look in an empty naked place. It is best to install them somewhere near trees, tall shrubs. Near the entrance to the gazebo or pavilion, you can arrange large pots with plants that will create a more friendly view.

If a large terrace seems too boring to you – you can arrange a cozy corner like a garden “alcove” surrounded by potted plants, arrange small garden sculptures.

Think about what lighting for evening tea is suitable for your gazebo. If you do not have the opportunity to conduct electricity, you can use flashlights with solar panels. And you can do some simple creative candlesticks with your own hands that will protect the candles from the wind.