The roof from Ondulin

Ondulin – durable, waterproof and environmental roofing material. It is also called the Euro -Shifer. It is used mainly in the construction of private houses.

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Its main advantage is a fairly low price, below which only the price of the slate. Compared to other types of roofs, ondulin has a lot of advantages.

Firstly, the ease of material, which facilitates the rise to height and work with it. The area of ​​the Ondulin leaf is equal to the slate, and by weight it is four times easier.

Secondly, the simplicity of installation, which allows roofing on their own.

Other advantages include the fact that Ondulin does not crack when clogging nails and is not afraid of scratches. It absorbs the noise of hail, rain, flowing water, practically does not heat up in the sun.

Ondulin has hygienic properties, resistant to microorganisms, fungi and bacteria, and most importantly, does not contain asbestos.

Like any roof, Ondulin has flaws:

– gradual burnout of color;

– the appearance of mosses and lichens in shaded places;

– Small garbage and dust are lingered on the surface of the roof.

Ondulin’s durability is not as great as other roofs, about 20 years, however, its other advantages, cheapness and ease of installation make this material very popular among individual developers.