Thermal insulation Rockwool

Protection of relatives is an indispensable attribute of love. Only now the protection can be different. On the well -being and education of children worthy of old age for parents and a warm, comfortable house for both. Heat is health and good mood. It’s so nice to get into the heated room from winter frost, relax and enjoy the winter evening. And so that in the house or another building there is warmly necessary a successful choice of insulation.

For brick houses, rockwool slab insulation is used for which the price is not high. For them, engineers of the company, special aligning mixtures for walls, adhesive compounds and other related materials were developed. Knowing the quality of the products of this company, it is better not to experiment, but to purchase all this brand.

The company also developed special dense heater fitting under the road surface. They withstand the large loads on compression and break. Such heater is used in road construction, when organizing parking, both private and general use.

Rockwool thermal insulation, having long settled in the building materials market, became the leader. A wide range of insulation of various density and thickness creates a variety for solving the issue of insulation.

The greatest demand for wooden-frame construction is rolled materials. They are flexible, have excellent heat transfer indicators, strong and reliable. Such a heater, laid down once, will last many years.